The Lorien Elder, known by the title Loridas, at the time of the Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien was supposedly the only Elder to remain on Lorien during the attack and the last surviving of the generation.

Loridas met the nine chosen Garde at the airstrip, in order to place the Charm on them. He did not seem nervous or worried when Daxin had not arrived with Number Nine as if he knew that Sandor would take his place and collect him.

When Crayton arrives on Earth and Ella grows up, he tells her that she is Number Ten and the next to adopt the title of Loridas, stating that he was an Aeternus like Ella. This was revealed to be a lie, albeit Loridas did have Aeternus, but never sacrificed himself to save Ella.

Legacies[edit | edit source]

Physical Enhancements[edit | edit source]

Like all Garde,Loridas had enhanced physical prowess

Telekinesis[edit | edit source]

Like all Garde,Loridas had telekinesis,the ability to move objects with the user's mind

Aeternus[edit | edit source]

Loridas was an Aeternus,a person with the legacy of changing between any age the user has experienced before. Unlike other legacies,a person is born with the legacy Aeternus.

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