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Four's pendant

Number three's pendant

Number Two's pendant

The Loric Pendants, made of Loralite, are given to each of the Garde and each garde has a unique symbol that identifies their number.

The pendants glow when placed on a Loric's heart; the faster the heartbeat, the brighter the glow. They are also thought to be linked to the Loric Charm as Number Six felt her pendant throb when she should have been dying of starvation and dehydration.

In The Revenge of Seven they found out from Malcolm Goode that the Loric Pendants were a key to rebuilding Lorien as said by Pittacus Lore when they met.


  • The Skeleton in Malcolm's secret office of Pittacus Lore (Elder), had a larger pendant similar to the Garde's. The larger pendant was taken and is currently in the possession of Number Six. But later taken by Setrákus Ra during her captivity in Dulce.
  • The pendants are made of Loralite, which gives the Garde the power to use their Legacies.