Loralite is said to be the most powerful gem found on Lorien and can be found only at the planet's core. Its natural form is a solid crystal blue gemstone.

On Earth, large Loralite rocks were placed in several locations of Loric importance. Number Eight learns, in his visions of Loric History on Earth, that the rocks were used by the Loric to travel around the planet. Eight's Teleportation has a limited range, but when stood near the Loralite rock he can teleport to any far off place, provided that there is another Loralite rock there. Known places with Loralite rocks on Earth include: Himalayan Mountains, Peru, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Gulf of Aden, Portugal, Alice Springs, Niagara Falls, mount hao, Zuma rock, Egelberg and New Mexico.

Several items belonging to the Garde are made from Loralite; including the amulets that each of the nine Garde were given as children and Four's Star-shaped Talisman. Marina owns a vial with a crystal-clear substance like water in it, as soon it makes contact with a Loric (even throught the glass) it turns to a cobalt blue colour which fades slowly away. When poured out of the vial, the liquid turns into a smooth Loralite ore.

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