Lola is a Human whom Eight's CêpanReynolds meets at a market in India and with whom he falls in love. Reynolds trusts her and tells her everything about his and Eight's past on Lorien, the war, and their purpose on Earth.

While with Reynolds, Lola acts suspiciously towards Eight, asking to see his Loric Chest on multiple occasions. With the presence of Lola, the relationship between Reynolds and Eight becomes strained, which affects Eight's training. Lola, seemingly trying to help, convinces Eight and Reynolds to go on a trip with her to the mountains so that they could reconcile. However, once there she attempts to separate them. When this failed, she goes straight to the Mogadorians. As Lola reveals that she had been working for the Mogadorians, the Soldiers throw a large bag of gold to the ground for which she dives. She is then stabbed in the back by a Soldier's Sword and the bag of gold explodes at her feet. Lola's betrayal leads to the death of Reynolds, while Eight is protected by the Charm and is unable to save him. (The Rise of Nine)