Liren is Number Four's father and husband of Lara. He is described as being brave and powerful, and having lived his life with integrity and purpose.

Not much else is known about him, though despite the fact that Liren was supposed to be away developing his Legacies, he visits his son regularly. He is also good friends with Six's parents Lyn and Arun.

Four sees his father, recognised by his distinctive silver and blue Garde suit, in his visions on many occassions. He witnesses one of his father's visits in which he lifts his son off the ground with Telekinesis while he is playing in the garden with Hadley. During the Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien, Four sees his father create a thunderstorm to kill a Piken.

He fights courageously, but eventually dies fighting the invading Mogadorians on Lorien. Four sees visions of his father fighting as well as his body amongst a pile of the dead.

He may have developed both the legacy of Telekinesis or Sturma.

Legacies[edit | edit source]

Telekinesis[edit | edit source]

Possessed by all Garde.

Sturma[edit | edit source]

Liren could handle their the elements air, water, fire, earth to influence the climate. Four witnesses Liren use this ability to create thunderstorms in his vision of the Mogadorian Invasion.

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