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Possessed By Garde
Primary Function Lorien defense

Unique superpower-like abilities bestowed to the Loric Garde by the sentient essence of the planet Lorien as tools for defending the Loric from the Mogadorians, but also as rewards for living in harmony with the planet.

On Lorien there were two types of citizens, those who develop Legacies, or powers, which can be extremely varied, anything from invisibility to the ability to read minds, from being able to fly to using natural forces like fire, wind or lightning. Those with the Legacies are called the Garde.

A Legacy or Legacies are the names given to superhuman powers which are said to be gifts, from Lorien, to all the Loric citizens. Loric known as Garde possess Legacies. 

History and Source[]

The source of the Legacies comes from Lorien itself. The Garde were gifted with their powers after the dark ages where the planet was at a cross roads between desire for rapid development and protecting the natural and sustaining life. This was a time of needless wars and conflicts, including The Secret Wars, a covered-up conflict with the Mogadorians.

The Loric finally began to live in harmony with the planet, and as a reward, Lorien gifted the Garde with their powers, or Legacies. The Elder's discovered the Phoenix Stones, the planet became abundant in resources and the Chimæra came out of hiding.

It is hypothesized by Henri that the planet was rewarding the Loric for their foresight in restoring the planet.


Legacies are developed in a Garde as they mature. Some non-powered Loric, known as Cêpan, are trained to become Mentor Cêpan to young Garde - to teach them about the planet's history and help them develop their Legacies.

Each Garde receives several Legacies, which primarily focus on defense and are honed with the intention of defending the planet in the event of an attack.

Legacies are a result of manipulation of the pituitary gland in the brain by the Entity. These manipulations can be shut off by a device implanted in the brain.

Generally the most powerful Legacy is usually developed last, known as the "Master Legacy" and is combat-focused. Each Garde has more advanced abilities in terms of strength and speed than any human and all receive the same Telekinesis legacy at some point (usually after the first Legacy).

The Elders[]

The Loric Elders, all Garde, are said to possess every known Legacy between them, while the Elder Pittacus Lore has every Legacy. 

The Nine Garde children, that escape the Mogadorian Invasion and travel to Earth, were chosen to assume the roles, titles and Legacies of the previous Elders. It is said that they will soon become even more powerful.. 

Known Legacies[]

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Possible Legacies[]

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