The Lecture Hall is a combat training room built into Number Nine and Sandor's penthouse in the John Hancock Center.

Every surface of the room is tiled with white retractable panels which discharge rounds of projectiles including steel ball bearings and electronic drones from all sides.The combat is mainly controlled by Sandor from a cockpit, called the Lecturn, with chair and control panel with blinking buttons and gauges, it also has automated training programs.

When Nine proves that he is ready to start training, Sandor introduces him to the lecture hall where they train for many hours, sometimes just to let off some steam. On one particular training session, Nine discovers his Antigravity Legacy. Sandor remarks that he has received an "upgrade" to which Nine, infuriated for being treated like one of Sandor's gadgets, destroys the Lectern's console using his Pipe-Staff. (Nine's Legacy)

After being released from captivity in the Mogadorian Mountain Base, Nine returns to the John Hancock Center with Number Four and shows him the Lectern as well as the, previously un-mentioned, weapons room and shooting range extension. (The Rise of Nine)

With the Garde finally reunited and hiding out in the John Hancock Penthouse; Malcolm, with the help of Sam and Nine, repairs the Lectern so that the Garde can use it to train. On one occassion they split into two teams and play Capture the Flag. Nine and his team wins the game. When Mogadorians later invade the penthouse Sam and Sarah use the Lecture Hall's programming to defend themselves, but it is soon destroyed. (The Fall of Five)