Kopano Okeke is the son of Udo and Akuzium Okeke, who gained ability to manipulate their density and influence objects with the mind, after the Liberation of Lorien (Entity) in the Earth, enlisting like Human Garde. Months discovering his Legacies, Okeke along with others chosen on the even of the Invasion Mogadorian, receives and witnesses the call of the Chamber Elder's. He saw the grotesque apparence of the Mogadorian and Setrákus Ra, on televion and witnesses war.

Three months after the Invasion, Okeke discovers the Human Garde Academy, he sees a greater chance to join Human Garde. The more his father beings to take adavantage of his powers. Due to great problems of the Okeke family, caused by Udo, Akuzium help Kopano reach Zuma Rock, transferring to the Academy.

Biography Edit

Early Life

Kopano is born in 1997, Nigeria, in Lagos, as son of Udo and Akuzium Okeke, and brother Obi and Dubem.

Personality Edit

Kopano is a very cheery boy who hates to hurt people. He is very against war and violence. Kopano is mostly open-minded and is easy to get along with.

Appearance Edit

Kopano is a tall and broad-chested boy.

Powers And Abilities Edit

Telekinesis Edit

Like all Garde, Kopano has the power to move objects with his mind.

Pondus Edit

Kopano can alter his molecular density. This allows him to enhance his strength and become impenetrable when increasing his density. He can even phase through objects by decreasing his density.

Abilities Edit

  • Combatant: Kopano, was trained by Nine in combat, so he could either use his legacies for denfesive or offensive attacks. Okeke was able to fighter with reapers and BlackStones who are skilled fighters and assassin's, whit help from their powers. Okeke have a combination of boxing and techinques combat hand-to-hand.

Acrobat: Kopano is exellent acrobat, able employ this gymnastics in style of the fighting. Especially when its lowers its density to become lighter.

Trivia Edit

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