Kopano Okeke is a male Human-Garde who developed Telekinesis. He lived with his family in Lagos, Nigeria, a city that was untouched by the Mogadorian Invasion, before enrolling in the United States academy for Human-garde. He briefly appears in The Fate of Ten (seen by Ella), and is a narrator in the Lorien Legacies spinoff, Generation One.

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Being a Human-Garde, he has a few Legacies of his own.

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The first Legacy he gained, all Garde and Human-Garde have this Legacy. Kopano developed this Legacy to defend when he was tied to a goalpost by some of his classmates, who were repeatedly kicking soccer balls at him, mocking him for believing he was one of the Human-Garde.

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This is his second Legacy that he developed. It was discovered when he was fighting Nigerian thieves. Malcolm originally thought it was a variation of Fortem, which is Super Strength, in his skin, but it seems Kopano has control of his density in not only his skin, but in every cell he has. He can make himself walk on water similar to Number Eight, but can also make himself so dense that he can easily sink in water or be completely bulletproof. This legacy also allows him to phase through solid objects.

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