He is big, built like an offensive lineman. Patches of reddish hair grow on his cheeks and chin as though he’s trying to grow a beard. It makes his face look dirty. Like the rest of them he’s wearing a letterman jacket. He crosses his arms and stands in my way.

–Number Four, I Am Number Four

Kevin Miller, is one of Mark James' friends who attends Paradise High School. He was an offensive lineman and was described as a giant of a guy with patches of red hair all over his face. Kevin is actively involved in helping his friend Mark bully Sam and John.

In the cafeteria, Mark throws meatballs at Sam and John. John, frustrated plants his knee in Kevin's crotch. Mark, Kevin, John and Sam are taken to the Principal's office where Mark lies about what happened and the Principle believes him.

On Halloween, Kevin is present when Mark and his friends ambush John in the woods and take Sarah away. Kevin tackles John to the ground. John later takes his night-vision goggles and throws him around (I Am Number Four).

After the destruction of Paradise High School, Mark begins to drift from his school buddies and grows closer to Sarah again. He sees Kevin who angers him with remarks about Sarah and slams him against the wall. However Kevin and his friends rejoice that this display of anger means 'Mark James is BACK' and they invite him to Alex Davies' house to finish a keg (Return to Paradise).