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Julianne was the wife of Henri (Brandon).

Henri tells John about his wife when he tells him about people he knew on Lorien.

Julianne had the greenest eyes that Henri had ever seen. She was a very kind person and was always helping others and bringing in animals as pets. She would, however, sleep in late and Henri would get impatient as he could not wait to start the day with her. When he tried to rouse her, she would pull the covers over her head and growl at him. The pair were happily married, although Henri did not know what Julianne saw in him.

Henri's love for Julianne, and the general attitudes towards love and marriage on Lorien, convinced him that the Loric were a monogamous species.

Julianne almost certainly died during the Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien.


She was hinted in the Screenplay of the film during a conversation with John and Henri, however she was named Anastasia