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Preparation and Training Edit

John lends his Chest to Malcolm to take note of its contents.

To train themselves for battle and to foster camaraderie, the Garde, Sarah, Sam and Bernie Kosar engage in a Capture the Flag game. As one of the team leaders, John chooses Six, Bernie Kosar, Five, and Sam as teammates. When the game starts, John is immediately targeted by Sarah's gunfire, causing his shield bracelet to activate and preventing him initially from attacking. When Sarah's focus shifts to Six, John attempts to help Five, who is battling Nine. Nine uses his Telekinesis to pull off John's shield bracelet, allowing Marina to equip it. John targets Marina with fireballs, which are blocked by the shield bracelet. After Marina grabs his team's flag, John redoubles his efforts into catching her. However, Marina surprises him with Nine's borrowed Liberium to run up a wall, causing John to smack into it and leading her team to victory.

John takes Sarah out on a date to the zoo, where he convinces the animals there to put on shows for her. After leaving the zoo, the pair encounter three Mogadorians in an alley. John quickly disposes of them, and they find an envelope of information on the contents of the Garde's Chests. John and Sarah quickly return home and inform the rest of a possible mole.

Setrákus Ra's Nightmare Edit

When Ella falls into a coma, John attempts to wake her up by shining his Lumen over her eyes. However, this only triggers Ella to pull John into the coma with her. Five tells the group that his Chest holds something that his Cêpan used to help with his then-burgeoning Externa that might help them. Without any other options, the remaining Garde leave John and Ella in the care of Sarah, Sam, and Malcolm and head for Five's Chest in the Everglades.

In Ella's nightmare, John finds himself in a decimated Washington, D.C., realizing he is seeing the most probable future. He sees Ra surrounded by a legion of Mogadorians with Ella and Five at his side. John realizes Five is the traitor and that Ella is related to Ra. Ella telepathically begs him to save the both of them. He witnesses Sam and Six, the last of the resistance, brought before Ra. Ella gives the command to execute them, and the two are slain. At the moment of Six's death, John feels the pain of a new scar burning into his ankle.

Mogadorian Alliance Edit

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The pain causes John to wake from the coma. He realizes that the pain from the scar was real, and that one of the Garde has died in the Everglades. He notices that Mogadorians are storming the penthouse and, despite Sam, Sarah, and Malcolm's best efforts, kidnapping Ella. Knowing that Ra does not want to hurt Ella, John allows the Mogadorians to take her and instead heals Malcolm, who has been fatally injured.

After hearing police sirens, the group is desperate to flee before being attributed to the attack. John, hearing police sirens in the streets below, rushes Sarah, Sam and Malcolm to the penthouse elevator which leads to Nine's garage. John tells Sarah to take one of Nine's fastest cars and meet him by the zoo, while he rushes back to fetch the other Garde's Chests, the tablet, and Bernie Kosar. As John is about to head to the roof to find Bernie Kosar, the elevator doors open and a lone trueborn Mog walks in with a gun in hand. Immediately, John flings the gun away and attacks him. The Mog responds by shaking the ground under John, which John recognizes as a Legacy. John nearly falls out of one of the broken windows, but Adam grabs and pulls him back in. He introduces himself as Adam, and reveals that he has turned rebel and freed the captive Chimærae. John decides to trust him and welcomes him to their side.

The Fall of New York Edit

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Attack on Ashwood Estates Edit

Bernie Kosar is discovered barely clinging to life on the roof, having been shredded by Mogadorian blaster fire. John manages to heal him but it is soon apparent that the Chimæra is permanently scarred with a chunk missing from his ear and shows signs of a change of personality.

The group are introduced to the six other Chimæra that Adam had rescued from Plum Island who had traveled to Earth on Ella's father's ship. They head to Baltimore, Maryland where they hide out in an old factory.

John is reluctant to trust Adam and doesn't hide it very much. Things get tense between them when Adam suggests that they should attack Ashwood Estates instead of going to get the remaining Garde in the Everglades. Eventually, John agrees to Adam's plan. John says goodbye to Sarah and Bernie Kosar as they leave for Baltimore to help Mark. Before leaving, they agree to check in every eight hours and Sarah tells John not to come rushing in just because she missed a check-in. John reluctantly agrees.

John, Sam, Malcolm, Adam, and the remaining Chimærae head to Washington D.C. They strap cameras to the Chimærae's necks, who have turned into birds and survey the Ashwood Estates. They find it mostly abandoned except for three guards, a salvage team, and Andrakkus Sutekh, a Mogadorian general. John says he'll kill him. Just before the ambush, Adam admits to John that the General is his father and John should kill him, which surprises John. They easily kill the guards and enter the Ashwood Estates. John and the General fight, but John is reluctant to kill the General in front of his son. The General destroys John's Red Bracelet with his sword; as John stated when fighting the General, he has not seen the Mogs wield a sword of power like the General's since the battle in Paradise. The General easily overpowers John, but with the help of Dust and Malcolm, he manages to make the General run. John follows him into a basketball field where the General activates a force field, when John realizes the General ran away just to lure him into a trap. Andrakkus says he wants to kill John in peace without being interrupted by his friends. They both fight. John burns the General's face while the General squeezes his throat. Unknown to the both of them, Adam, being a Mog, deactivates the force field and stabs the General with his own sword through the back. John changes his mind about Adam and his doubts about him are gone. Adam says that from what he gathered before he shut off the communications, the invasion is imminent.

After taking over the Ashwood Estates John checks in with Sarah who is with Mark in his safehouse. She says that a man named Commander Grahish Sharma in India has captured a Mog ship and its passengers. John remembers that he is the one who helped Eight in India. He doesn't tell Sarah about the impending invasion. They hang up and Sam says that Adam has found the others. They go to the underground tunnels of the Ashwood Estates. They find Malcolm, who is going through video records of the Mogs trying to find some useful information that will help them. They say a video record of a Mog saying they planted a story in Buenos Aires to lure the Garde.This probably could be the story about Sofia García that Henri found in "I Am Number Four" They find Adam in the control center, who tells them he sent the Mogs a message saying that there was a chemical leak in Ashwood, buying them some time. He says he tracked the other Garde to a base in the Everglades. He takes control of a Mog Skimmer and uses its camera to get a visual. They see a Mog fleet arriving and Five getting into it. John hasn't told the others about Five being a traitor, giving him the benefit of the doubt, but seeing Five in a Mog uniform confirms his suspicions. Sam is surprised to learn the truth about Five, and so is Adam, who tells them even he didn't know about it. The Mogs who were working on the skimmer push it to a hanger where Six, Marina, and Nine are. They see them through the Skimmer's camera. Sam is ecstatic to see Six alive. John deduces that the body of the fallen Number Eight is inside the body bag Nine is carrying. When Six, Marina and Nine are trapped in the hanger by incoming Mogs, Adam quickly fires the Skimmer's gun and eliminates the Mogs. John talks to Six using the Skimmer's communicator and Adam helps Six navigate the Skimmer to Ashwoods. He fills them in on what they've been doing for the last couple of days.

When the other Garde, excluding Five, get to the Ashwood Estates, government vehicles enter the former Mog base and point guns at them. After a warning from John, Walker steps out and orders her men to back off. She tells the Garde that she is here to help them. After being dragged inside Adam's former home, she tells them that Agent Purdy is dead and explains how his body disintegrated after his death. She tells them it changed her mind about Mogs after that. She explains MogPro to them and tells them how Setrákus Ra has powerful people under his thumb and they are going to hand over Earth on a silver platter in two days. She tells them that she and her rogue team of agents came to Ashwood Estates to do something and saw them taking over the base and that she and her men came to help when they saw the Skimmer land. She asks for their help to kill Bud Sanderson in New York and stop the invasion. John agrees to help but doesn't agree on killing Bud Sanderson.

John spends the night awake, keeping an eye on the agents who are camped out in Ashwood. Malcolm announces that he has found something and asks everyone to join him. Malcolm shows them a video footage of Doctor Lockam Anu interrogating him. In the video footage, a young Malcolm tells Anu about a Loric Sanctuary in Mexico and how it will help start restart Lorien. He tells them that even after seeing it he doesn't remember it and he apologizes to them for not remembering. Six, remembering John's theory on how Ra may actually be Loric and related to Ella, hypothesizes that Setrákus Ra kept the pendants of the fallen Garde, not only as trophies, but as keys to get into the Sanctuary. Six, Marina, and Adam volunteer to go to the Sanctuary, while John, Sam, and Nine volunteer to go to New York with Walker and her agents. Six gestures to Sam not to come with her and he decides to go with John and Nine to New York.John leaves behind the Chimærae to look after Malcolm along with Walker's remaining men.

The Race to Stop Setrákus Ra Edit

John, Nine, Sam, Walker, and five of her rogue agents head to New York. Walker isn't happy to learn that John isn't going to kill Sanderson. John checks in with Sarah. She doesn't pick up for five rings making him worried. As soon as she picks up, she assures him that she is fine. She tells him that they ran into Mogs but Bernie Kosar took care of them. He tells her that he sent her information about MogPro and tells her to put it up on the blog. They reach the hotel Sanderson is staying in and find it mostly abandoned, except for the three Mogs guarding it. Nine blows their cover by creating a sonic boom with the gloves he borrowed from Marina. Mogs fire at them and one of Walker's men is injured. John heals him and a young woman records it. Sam takes her to safety and borrows her phone. Nine and Walker's men kill the Mogs and finds out from a hotel employee that the Mogs emptied the hotel that morning. They find Sanderson inside his room,,who is sick after being withdrawn from Mog treatments. Sanderson tries to shoot himself but John stops the bullet at the last second. John heals Sanderson and asks for his help to stop the invasion. Sam records John healing Sanderson and sends it to Sarah. Sanderson turns on the news where it is shown that Mog fleetships have settled over major cities around the world.

John and Nine race over to where Ra descends, along with Ella, from his spaceship Anubis. Through her telepathy, Ella tells John to take out Ra. When Four tries to kill Ra with his Loric Dagger when Five, in metal form, slams into him. Five informs John of Setrákus Ra's charm that shifts any damage to him onto Ella. John then understands that Ella is willing to sacrifice herself to take out Ra. Ella cancels out Ra's Legacies, allowing John to get in close. However, Ra drags Ella back onto the ship and, with Ella's strength weakening, uses his Legacies to send John falling from the spaceship. John manages to survive the fall and finds Sam. John and Sam go through the city helping survivors from the Mogadorian attack. John is trying to hold up a deteriorating fire escape with people on it using his telekinesis when a Piken attacks him. With no strength to defend himself, John is saved by Sam's newly developed telekinesis.

Holding off the Mogadorians Edit

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Navigating the Ruins Edit

John and Sam, together with the 23 civilians they saved, are in Lower Manhattan, trying to reach a makeshift encampment established on the Brooklyn Bridge. Four tells them to go ahead because he and Sam still have to look for Nine and Five. The civilians leave them after expressing their gratitude. Four and Sam rest in an abandoned apartment in which they find out through television that Five and Nine might be fighting at Union Square. On the way they meet Daniela Morales, a Human-Garde, who leads them to the subway. The Anubis starts to attack them. While resting, Ella reaches out to John through a dream, showing John her memories of the ship Anubis. She warns him of Setrákus' plan to go to the Sanctuary in Mexico, and advises him to be strong, and to do whatever must be done to defeat Setrákus. John also witnesses the Mogadorian augmentation being carried out on Ella's body as Ella's consciousness is talking to him. John wakes up and urges the others to reach the Brooklyn Bridge camp.

Soldiers under orders from Agent Walker find them in the subway and bring them to a makeshift camp near the Brooklyn Bridge, where Agent Walker talks to John about Setrákus Ra's message to the world government. She tells him the US Government will help the Garde if they can help them defeat the Mogadorians within forty-eight hours, or else the government might follow Setrákus' order of surrendering Garde in order to prevent the cities from being attacked. With the help of Agent Walker, John and Sam are able to reach Six, Marina, and Adam, warning them of Setrákus' arrival at the Sanctuary and telling them to flee. John also learns from Adam how to possibly attack the warships. John also contacts Sarah and requests that she, Mark, and Lexa (the flier of the spaceship that carried Ella, Crayton, and the Chimærae to Earth) to go to the Sanctuary and help Six, Marina, and Adam defend it from Setrákus Ra. John passes on the information of the warships' weaknesses to Agent Walker. Just then, soldiers arrive and deliver a message from Five, who attacked them. Five wants Four to meet him at the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, or he'll get another scar, presumably a threat to kill Nine. Four, Sam, and Daniela meet Five in his metallic Externa state with Nine unconscious and tied up. Four heals Nine, and is about to leave when Five reveals that he is also badly injured, revealing that the scar he referred to would be due to his death. Four eventually heals Five with Daniela's help and ties him up for good measure. Nine wakes up and they discuss what to do with Five when a Mogadorian Hunter (Daniela calls it the "Mogasaur") rises from the bay and attacks them.

Meeting in the Elders' Chamber Edit

The Garde are suddenly transported out of the battle. It turns out to be Ella, with the help of the Lorien Entity, who connects with all the Garde telepathically. She shows the Loric Garde the events between Pittacus Lore and Setrákus Ra leading to the war. They enter a mental representation of the Elders' Chamber with the new human-Garde in the audience, wherein Four encourages them to join the fight against the Mogadorians. When Ella's power weakens, they wake up and barely miss the monster's attack. John realizes that he is the new Pittacus Lore who has the rare ability to copy Legacies. Upon thinking about Six's Invisibility, John instantly turns invisible. However, when John tries to use Nine's Antigravity against the monster, he fails. Five calls out to John and Sam, telling them he can help. When Sam cuts his ties, Five targets the monster's eyes, retrieves his Loric charm and manages to save Nine from falling to the ground. Daniela suddenly has a terrible headache, and when John tries to alleviate her pain, he also feels the pain. Sam deduces that Daniela is developing a new Legacy, and Daniela opens her eyes, emitting a beam that slowly turns the monster into stone. Copying Daniela's Legacy, John helps her petrify the monster. Afterwards, Agent Walker tells John the US President would like to cooperate with him and the Garde, after the President's daughter witnesses his speech at the Elders' Chamber in a vision. The satellite phone rings and John answers it first. It is Sarah calling him during the last moments of her life. She tells John she has no regrets and dies.

Final Assault Edit

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Patience Creek Edit

Agent Walker brings John and the others to Patience Creek, a secret US government safehouse. It is there where Six, Marina, Ella, Adam, Mark, and Lexa return from the Sanctuary. Mark starts hitting John on sight, yelling about how Sarah's death was John's fault. John takes it all silently, calmly telling Mark to return Sarah's body to her parents, which calms down Mark.

The government finds a video posted to YouTube by Human-Garde Nigel Barnaby, who has gathered other Human-Garde under John's insistence at the Elders' Chamber and is now under attack at Niagara Falls by a Mog airship. As everyone at Patience Creek rushes to aid the Human-Garde before Mog reinforcements arrive, John searches for other Legacies to collect.

He takes a risk and visits an incarcerated Five to learn his flying Legacy. Five agrees, but the two do not achieve any progress. Suddenly, Five grabs John and flies out of his cell, carrying John and smashing him into the walls and ceiling along the way. Five reveals that Setrákus Ra has been contacting him in his dreams about rejoining his side and taunts John about his stupidity in trusting him. In desperation, John tries to use his Lumen to stop him, but Five merely uses the flames to turn into fire himself, burning through the straitjacket restraining him. John manages to stop Five and prepares to knock him out, but Five stops him. Five points out that John has pinned him to the ceiling, showing John that he has successfully copied his flight Legacy. Five admits that although Ra has contacted him telepathically, Five has rejected him every time, and that he is still trying to gain the Garde's trust. When Marina sees Five, she automatically attacks him, but John stops her, gaining her ice Legacy in the process.

Later, John approaches Ella to gain her telepathy. As Ella had previously used her telepathy frequently to talk with John, he learns it easily.

En route to Niagara Falls, John attempts to coach Sam in developing his newfound Legacy, only for Sam to shut off the ship in which they are currently flying. They manage to safely land at Niagara Falls, where John is impressed at how well the Human-Garde are holding off the Mogs. As they approach them, they are bombarded with explosive stones launched by one of the Human-Garde until they declare who they are. The rain of stones stop, and the Garde meet. John then infiltrates the airship and takes out all of the Mogs onboard. After rescuing the Human-Garde, John heads back to Patience Creek apart from the others.

John arrives at Patience Creek after the others and spots Mark waiting outside. He notices Mark looks pale and strained. He tries to approach him, but he is ambushed by Phiri Dun-Ra and a squad of Mogadorians. She is now adorned with black tentacles instead of arms which she stabs into John, stealing his Legacies and weakening him. John notices a Thin Mogadorian seemingly able to control Mark's movements, a Piken-Mogadorian Hybrid, and another Mog who appears and disappears through the shadows. Phiri Dun-Ra explains to John that Setrákus Ra had endowed several Mogadorians with Augmentations that were able to mimic Legacies. She commands the Shadow Mog to keep an eye out for anyone approaching, while the Thin Mog forces Mark to put the Voron noose around John's neck. Phiri then kills Mark with one of her tentacles. They enter the bunker, with Phiri and John invisible.

The Mogs dispatch the unprepared government agents as they make their way through the base, John powerless to stop them. When the Human-Garde confront them, Phiri kills Fleur and Bertrand with John's Glacen and Lumen, respectively, before Ran and Nigel escape. Suddenly, the lights shut off, and John realizes that Sam is responsible and still alive. Out of nowhere, Five attacks the group of Mogs, allowing John to escape from Phiri's tentacles. John finds Sam, who reveals that he released Five to help them against the invasion. The pair are attacked by the Shadow Mog who employs a hit-and-run technique to wear them down, using his shadow teleporting augmentation to great effect. As John is still recovering from Phiri's tentacles, he cannot help Sam out much. Sam turns back on the lights just as the Shadow is teleporting, causing it to split into two and die.

The Final Showdown with Setrákus Ra Edit

After coming all together once more, the Garde launch an attack on the mountain base in West Virginia with their stolen warship. They head to the Anubis to destroy it with the stolen warship. Six summons a large storm that soon takes destroys the Anubis' forcefield. They ram their warships forcefield into the Anubis which causes it to descend and crash into the earth. The Garde soon infiltrate the mountain base and flank the Mogadorians on both sides. Marina creates a bunker out of ice that shields them while the warship attacks. After spotting a stack of dead Human-Garde, John becomes infuriated and yells for Setrakus Ra. Meanwhile, Six and Adam disable the forcefields and are ambushed by Phiri-Dun-Ra. Phiri manages to grab hold of both of them. She also attacks Dust and nearly kills him. Six attempts to stop Phiri with her telekinesis but is shot in the back by a true-born Mog. Adam risks his life and stuns Phiri while he causes and earthquake that opens a hole in the ground. The pit drags in Adam and Phiri and Six loses consciousness. John, Nine, Marina, and Five attempt to kill Setrakus Ra but watch as he drowns Five in the black ooze. They don't receive a scar from Five and assume that the charm decided he was too unrecognizable. Ra attacks Nine and rips off his arm. Marina drags Nine to safety hoping that John can take on Ra. John realizes he can stop Setrakus Ra by using his healing on him. Ra does everything he can to getaway from John but eventually loses all of his augmentations to the healing. John telepathically asks Sam to bring down the mountain. Marina heals Six and she runs back to the battle. She finds a withered Setrakus Ra and knocks him down. Ra slowly begins turning to dust as he tries to crawl into the ooze. She cuts off his head with the voron noose that John melted into a dagger. She runs over to John and assumes he is dead. She sees his wounds begin to heal and rushes him out to the warship with the rest of the Garde.

Lorien Legacies RebornEdit

Not much is known about John's activities after the defeat of the Mogadorians, although it is known that he has played a part in the running of the Human Garde Academy and lives in a compound in the Himalayan Mountains.

Rescue of Taylor CookEdit

About a year after Patience Creek, John is in Canada with Agent Walker and is called to Turner County, South Dakota, after several harvesters raided Taylor Cook’s farm. She called the Human-Garde hotline in North America and explains that she is in danger. The operator then called John Smith, who travels to Turner County. He arrived at the start of a firefight between Taylor’s dad, Brian, and the harvesters. He used telekinesis to stop the bullets and told everyone to drop their weapons. Brian listened, but the mercenaries did not and the preacher who is leading them tells them that John Smith is the devil. John then removes the guns from the harvesters' hands and sends them flying towards their vehicles. He then orders the harvesters to lie on the ground. Some flee while others comply. He then makes sure that Taylor and her dad are okay and then begins to sign autographs for the police.

Trouble at The Academy Edit

When Nine, Taylor Cook, Kopano, and Nigel return to the Academy from Iceland John listens in when the formers learn that Nine is being replaced, floating overhead while invisible. John mentally notes that he will back up his friends no matter the consequences.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is described as having shaggy blonde hair with a strong jawline, and tanned from living in Florida as Daniel Jones.


See: Number Four: Legacies

John's first obvious Legacy is Lumen, which begins to develop with lights in his palms while at school. This later evolves into the ability to create and manipulate fire. His Telekinesis manifests later than expected when he accidentally breaks Sarah's camera so that he can avoid getting his picture taken.

John later realizes his ability to communicate to animals, his true first Legacy, during the Battle of Paradise High School, when he establishes a psychic connection with Bernie Kosar and convinces a Piken to turn against its masters.

During the Battle of Dulce, John seemingly develops Recupero to heal Ella and Sarah. John later realizes this is in fact due to his master Legacy Ximic, which gives him the ability to use any Legacy that he observes. From then on, he uses his Ximic extensively to gain the Legacies of his fellow Garde.

Loric ChestEdit

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Like the other nine Garde, Four is given a Loric chest filled Loric items of varying uses and qualities. Four's chest includes a diamond bladed dagger, a red bracelet that can expand into a shield when it senses danger, and a Xitharis - a Loric gem that can be charged with any Legacy and passed on to another.

Relationships Edit

See: Number Four: Relationships

In his early life, Four was raised by his grandparents, though his father often dropped by to see him. After the Mogadorian Invasion, he is raised by Henri, his Cêpan, who protects him during his time on Earth until he was killed by Mogadorians.

One of John's most faithful companions is his Chimæra Hadley/Bernie Kosar who follows him from Lorien on the Loric Ship and finally reveals himself in Paradise.

John is also very fond of his human friends, particularly Sam Goode, his best friend, and Sarah Hart, with whom he falls in love. He also has a close relationship with Six, the first of the Garde that he meets and has spent some alone time with Nine having rescued him from the Mogadorian mountain base. John cares greatly for the remaining members of his race and assumes a leadership role in their battle against the Mogadorians.

Appearances Edit

See: Number Four: Appearances

John Smith is the central protagonist of the Lorien Legacies which introduces him in the first novel, I Am Number Four. He is later revealed to be the member of the Garde to inherit the powers of Pittacus Lore, the Leader of the Elders. He has made minor appearances in several Lost File Novellas as well as in the debut novel of the Lorien Legacies Reborn, Generation One.

Portrayals and Other Versions Edit

Despite the Lorien Legacies' limited adaptation in other media, Number Four has been portrayed by three known individuals.


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