Janus was the Pilot of the Loric Ship that escaped Lorien, carrying the nine chosen Garde and Cêpan. He is the brother of Zophie, a Cêpan who also traveled to Earth on Raylan's Ship.

Janus worked for the Lorien Defence Council and was assigned to pilot the ship containing the chosen Garde. When the Mogadorians attacked Lorien, Janus called his sister Zophie, shortly before departing, knowing that there was no way he was able to take her with him. He told her what he knew about the Elders' plan.

When the ship had reached a safe distance, Janus stayed in orbit for a week to wait for a sign of a resistance with a plan to return if there was a chance to aid and save the planet. This however was not to be and Janus tearfully reported that the ship's scans had picked up absolutely nothing from the surface.

Having arrived on Earth, Janus attempts to hide the Loric Ship and pilots it to the mountains in upstate New York, but is spotted and a photograph is taken. A man named Eric Bird posts the photo which attracts the attention of the Mogadorians, as well as Lexa and the passengers of the second Loric ship. The Mogadorians soon catch up to him and torture him for information which he eventually divulges.

Lexa and Zophie follow the lead of the photo, which takes them to New York State, where they speak to Eric and search the mountains for him. Lexa posts in Loric online and gets a reply from someone claiming to be Loric. She soon realizes that they are not and receives a video of a beaten Janus shortly before he is executed.

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