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Ivanick Shu-Ra, better known as Ivan, is a junior Mogadorian who is full of bloodlust and looks just like a Mogadorian Soldier. He was adopted by General Andrakkus Sutekh after his mother died during child birth and his father died during the First Great Expansion.


Ivan is a trueborn Mogadorian. It is mentioned that over the years, Mogadorian women have found it harder to give birth to children, thus leading to the breeding of vat-born Mogadorians. Part of this is that many Mogadorian women die when giving birth to their children, if they can even become pregnant. Ivan's mother died at his birth, and his father was killed during The First Great Expansion, so he was adopted by Adamus Sutekh's family.

The Fallen Legacies[]

Ivan is intially Adamus Sutekh's best friend, as well as adopted brother, but he is very keen to impress the general and even engages in competition with Adam for his approval. While Adam is trapped in a three-year long coma with Number One's memories, he managed to train himself physically. In London, it is mentioned that it is Ivan who finally kills Conrad Hoyle after a lengthy battle and he later kills defenceless Number Two with his sword. In Kenya, Ivan turns against Adamus when Adamus decides to help the Loric instead of the Mogadorians. After a fight between them, Ivan pushes Adam over the edge of a ravine after Adam's futile attempts to save Number Three from the Mogadorians.

The Search For Sam[]

Because of his bravery and courage, displayed in his successful murders of Number Two and her Cêpan, and the attempted murder of traitor Adamus Sutekh, he is highly honored by the General, and promoted to work in the Dulce government base in New Mexico, USA. There, many months after he pushed Adam down the ravine in Kenya, he confronts Adam again: Adam has infiltrated into the base with Malcolm Goode to look for Malcolm's imprisoned son, Sam. This time, Adam uses his Legacy of Earthquake Generation (given by Number One) to cause a tremendous explosion at the base armory, nearly decapitating Ivan and finally killing him.