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So even though I’m tired, lonely and feel like I’m starting to go a little bit crazy, I know that I have to get to Plum Island. I have to free the Chimæra. If I can do it without getting myself killed in the process, that will be a bonus.
-Adamus Sutekh, The Forgotten Ones

Adamus Sutekh survives the explosion at Dulce. In the wreckage, he finds a Chimæra and discovers that the Mogadorians have others like him locked away at a facility in New York.


Adam awakens in the wreckage of the Dulce Base, caused when he triggers an explosion in the armory. He discovers Rex, a surviving Mogadorian, and pulls him to safety. Rex is initially hostile to Adam as a traitor of the Mogadorians.

They come across a Chimæra who also escapes the base. Adam calls him Dust. Rex reveals that there are others like him at a research facility in New York called Plum Island, and surprisingly agrees to help Adam get there.


Rex and Adam approach Plum Island by boat. Rex pretends that he has reprimanded Adam and has come to turn him in. The Mogadorians put Adam in a cell while they contact his father. After two days, Rex comes to release Adam and guides him to the Chimærae.  

They manage to find the detention area where the Chimærae are held. The first two appear to have been tortured and experimented on to the point of severe mutilation or insanity. Adam is forced to leave them behind. They soon find five more Chimærae and Adam manages to calm them before releasing them. As they go to leave, a siren blares, announcing that Adam, the prisoner, has escaped.  

Rex leads them up to the command center where they learn that the Mogadorians have located the Garde to the John Hancock Center in Chicago and are planning a full scale assault. Rex tells Adam that he has to escape and Adam is confused; Rex explains that he owes him for saving his life and understands that he has reasons for betraying the Mogadorians but that they do not make sense to him. They part ways with a hand shake.  

The Mogadorians in the command center start to realize that Adam is there and start to gain on him. Dust suddenly smashes through the window to his rescue and they all escape.  


Hours later, Adam is speeding towards Chicago. He calls Malcolm's phone and warns Sam that the Mogadorians know their location. He arrives in Chicago shortly after the Mogadorians leave with Ella and meets Number Four for the first time. He heals the rescued Chimærae and they become valuable allies.

Rex's time with Adam causes him to question the Mogadorian cause and the morality of his people. However, he is too scared to act on it. When the Garde infiltrate Flag Ship Delta, he kills his commanding officer and joins them.