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Hilde was the Cêpan of Number One. She was an older woman in her fifties. Her original Loric name was Hessu.

Her face was wrinkled with both natural age lines and premature weathering of stress. Her gray hair was tightly bound in a stern braid, she had hard eyes and her voice was steely and measured. She reminds Adam of his father, although One loved her like a mother. Sandor notes that she is quite shy and never spoke to anyone unless they spoke to her first.



Hessu was a Mentor Cêpan who was assigned to Number One. When Pittacus' Evacuation Protocol was initiated, Hessu would have travelled to One and given her the tracking band. As soon as the Mogadorians began their attack, Hessu was the first Cêpan to collect their Garde and arrive at the airstrip. After escaping Lorien, Hessu expresses her despair and hopelessness of her situation with One who is not protected by the charm being the first and her envy of Sandor as Nine is the last. Sandor embraces her and rocks her in his arms, while he realises the terrifying truth of the situation.

Arrival on Earth[]

Hilde initally took One to Mexico but soon left after a possible Mogadorian sighting.

They relocated to Texas but once again had to move as One had started to neglect her training and studies and began to misbehave, punching a cheerleader in the face.

Their next location was California where One met a boy named Wade who encouraged her to shoplift, she was caught by the police and photos were taken of her.


Hilde, frantic, made the decision to move to Malaysia but this was not far enough and the Mogadorians followed and ambushed them in their hut on the river bank. Hilde puts up a fight but is eventually overwhelmed and shot in the chest with a Mogadorian Blaster. Hilde's death triggered One's Earthquake Generation but this was not enough and One was also killed.

Hilde's body is left on the banks of the river.


  • Master Artist Martial


  • On the trip from Lorien, Sandor said she was the oldest of the Cêpan on the trip in contrast to Albert's age.