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Héctor Ricardo was Marina's only friend outside of the convent in Santa Teresa, for a long time. He lived with his mother in Santa Teresa and held the title "Town Drunk". He spends his time either caring for his mother, Carlotta, who has Parkinson's Disease, or drinking red wine.

Marina befriends Héctor and feels comfortable around him, even though her relationship with him is frowned upon by some of the girls at the Orphanage, at least. She doesn't tell him her deepest secret but confides in him most of her problems.

Héctor is approached by Crayton in an attempt to show Marina that he is an ally, however she mistakes him for a Mogadorian and runs away. Later when the Mogadorians attack, Crayton has Héctor meet them with a truck where he drives them to the lake.

He participates courageously in the Battle of Santa Teresa. He was shot, and then squeezed in the hand of a Piken whilst knocked into the lake. In the battle he killed many Mogadorians, and successfully guarded Marina's Chest until his death. Marina was filled with sorrow when he died.


Despite the fact that Héctor was intoxicated most of the time, he was incredibly insightful and always had words of wisdom and advice for Marina:

  • "The only limits we have for tomorrow are the doubts we have for today."
  • "If you ever know a man who tries to drown his sorrows, kindly inform him his sorrows know how to swim."
  • "My experiences have taught me that things rarely improve with a simple change of scenery."
  • "The key to change is letting go of fear."