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The term Greeter(s) is used to describe the nine humans who met with the nine chosen Garde and Cêpan upon their arrival on Earth after escaping the Mogadorians on Lorien.



The nine Greeters were all known and gathered together by Malcolm Goode who had been contacted by Pittacus Lore, badly wounded from the battle, and told to prepare for the arrival of the Garde. He was also given a White Tablet that would activate when it picked up a signal from the Loric Ship

Arrival of the Garde[]

Once the Garde and their Cêpan arrived, the Greeters all acted to help their transition to life on Earth, giving them food and supplies for their travels.


After this, the Greeters were tracked and captured by the Mogadorians and their minds dredged for information. One Greeter named Ethan, however, came to the conclusion that the Garde had no chance against the Mogadorians and struck a deal to work with them in return for his life. From the other Greeters, all but one, Malcolm Goode, perished during such extensive procedures of mind dredging.

Malcolm is later rescued from the clutches of the Mogadorians by Adamus Sutekh, but soon discovers that there are large gaps in his memories, some of which have resurfaced.

Known Greeters[]