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Possessed By Number Seven
Primary Function Control over the element of ice, and ability to lower temperature of environment

"I jerk my hand upwards and the ice takes shape beneath Five, a jageed icicle forming from the ground and thrusting upwards." (Marina, The Fall of Five)

This Legacy gives the user control over ice, allowing them to freeze or produce ice at will. It may be an extension of Temperature Manipulation, seeing as it allows the user to drop the temperature to below zero.

Known Users[]

Number Seven[]

Marina develops and unleashes this legacy in anger after Eight's death in the Everglades, at the hands of Five. The temperature begins to cool rapidly as Marina radiates cold, the ice that is created takes shape at her command and a jagged icicle impales Five's foot. Another juts from the ground and takes out one of his eyes.

As Marina, along with Six and Nine, travel through the Everglade swamps her mood following Eight's death makes her radiate a constant coldness. In Mexico, Marina is able to combine this legacy with Six's creation of storms to produce an attack of hail stones. She soon develops the legacy to the point where she can quickly produce icicles in her palm to throw at enemies.

Pittacus Lore[]

Those with the title of Pittacus Lore are able to replicate any legacy that they have seen using Ximic.

Number Four[]

During the battle inside the Mogadorian ship, in United As One John is burning all using his lumen, after a moment he realizes he doesn´t want destroy the ship, just the Mogadorians, so he thinks the opposite of his Lumen, and he changes lumen to glacen, and think that they are not very different.


  • Six imagines that she develops Ice Manipulation Legacies while playing a game of Shadow with Katarina.
  • It is hinted to be connected to Marina's Healing Legacy, through the way she describes the sensation of developing the legacy. Marina feels an icy sensation down her spine while she uses her healing Legacy. However, Four does not feel this with his.