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Gabriella García, also known as Gabby, is sixteen and very pretty with long dark hair and brown eyes. She is said to leave the orphange each morning with baggy clothes and then changes into slutty clothing and applies make up on the way to school. 

Gabby is not fond of Marina, calling her 'tattle tail', and making her life difficult. One particular night, Gabby and Hilda refuse to let Marina have her turn on the computer. Marina, in frustration, uses her Telekinesis to move their chairs, causing them to run away in fear.

On the night that Ella finds Marina's chest and they get out of bed at night to retrieve it, Gabby, along with Hilda, Bonita and Delfina, follow them to the nave and confront Marina. She questions her about her activities, her constant internet usage and her relationship with Héctor, insulting him in the process. Marina picks them all up with Telekinesis and forces them back. The girls fight back but Marina manages to knock them all out.

Ella jumps on Gabby's shoulders, in order to help Marina, is flung off and badly injured. Marina proceeds to knock Gabby unconscious before attending to Ella. The next morning all four girls were found by Sister Lucia in the nave, they were assumed to have been up to no good and were taken back to their bedroom, dazed and bruised. Later in the bathroom when Marina walks in both Gabby and Hilda flinch in fear.

She was present during the Mogadorian attack on Santa Teresa.