Fleur is a French blonde Human-Garde who accidentally meet with other Human Garde when fighting Mogadorian.


She is seen in Hunt for the Garde, fighting off many Mogadorians in Niagara Falls with Nigel Rally, Bertrand, and Ran. After being recruited with the other Human-Garde, he trains with Number Nine and Number Six, as well as Daniela Morales and Caleb in Patience Creek. When Phiri Dun-Ra, Thin Mog, Shadow Mog, Piken-Mog, and dozens of Vatborns attack Patience Creek, Fleur and the others fight back. She, Nigel, Ran, and Bertrand disarm and kill many Vatborns with their telekinesis. She and the others stop when they see John, and Phiri Dun-Ra uses six icicles to impale and kill Fleur before she can react. Bertrand attempts to save her, but Phiri burns him alive in the process. John attempts to heal them, but fails.

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