Externa or Property Absorption is a Legacy which allows the Garde to absorb the properties of anything that they touch such as glass, wood, sand, metal, rubber, or even fire.

Known Users[edit | edit source]

Number Five[edit | edit source]

Five first starts developing this Legacy in anger when he realises that Emma had told people about what she had seen of his power, and they were nervous around him. He punches a wall, holds a metal post and touches a shop window and takes on all their properties. In panic, he flies to Ethan’s house and lands on the beach, taking on the properties of sand, his body collapses and he panics. He manages to solidify again, this time taking on the gold on Ethan's watch. Ethan gives him a form of a tranquiliser to help him relax.

Five carries around two balls with him; One rubber ball which allows him to stretch his limbs and become flexible like rubber; and one steel ball bearing, given to him by Ethan. He uses this to become as hard as steel. He uses both in the Everglades when he reveals his betrayal. He punches Six in the head in his steel form and uses his rubber form to hold Nine under water.

Pittacus Lore[edit | edit source]

Has the ability to use all Legacies observed using Ximic.

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