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Erina was Ella's mother. She is described as being beautiful; Ella is said to become more like her every day.

She is sent by the Elders to watch over Ella's father, Raylan, as he is seen as a threat to the Loric. Erina does not see this; instead she sees a man who could be saved from himself. He initially doesn't trust her, but she uses her Legacies, Flight and Elecomun, to fly with his Chimærae and create stunning light displays. Raylan cannot resist viewing her displays and uses his own Legacy, Light Manipulation, to change the colour of her electrical displays.

Erina and Raylan fall in love and marry, and Erina soon gives birth to Ella. However, the Mogadorians begin their invasion and Raylan plans to leave. Erina refuses to leave and the couple have a ferocious argument. They compromise on allowing Ella to escape with Crayton.

She later died fighting alongside Ella's father and the other Garde.



Possessed by all Garde.


The ability of self-propelled flight. Erina often flies with Raylan's Chimærae.


The manipulation of electricity. Erina would put on various displays of lightning to attract Raylan.