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The Entity was a universal power that had existed in various forms, and used to reside in the core of Lorien. It granted the Loric their Legacies according to their need. At the end of The Revenge Of Seven the entity had resided into Earth when Six, Marina and Adam surrendered their Inheritances on the Loralite Cave.

The entity, when Marina asked if it was a god, it said no. "I just am." It also said, when Six volunteered to carry all the legacies, "It doesn't work like that." It then said, "I exist to give my gifts to those who are worthy."

It then left and Eight came back for a second. He said that he felt so much better where he was and Marina kissed him. He dissappeared and Marina said she could feel the power spreading through the Earth. "What does this mean?" Six asked. Marina replied. "It means we are no longer alone."


Lorien was once a planet rich with life and power, far from perfect, as they had no weapons to defend themselves. But nature, over the years, worked in their advantage. Loriens soon grew in strength, and developed 'Legacies', powers equal to those 'superheroes' seen in comic books that humans dream of having. Some Loric, when the Greeks came to be, wedded mortals, and together created the Gods you see in Greek myths.

And, along the line of Loric history, the Mogadorians invaded in pursuit of resources, and to utterly crush the Loriens. The remainders of the Loric piled into two spacecrafts, wielding chests and Legacies and Chimærae.