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Emma was a pickpocket and a former friend of Number Five. She lived in Miami same time as Number Five before moving away.


Meeting Number Five[]

Emma met Number Five while he was staying in Miami. They became friends and started to pickpocket. One day they tried to pickpocket a man and they were caught. The man introduced himself as Ethan and offered them a job. While doing a job for Ethan they were ambushed by a group of thugs. Emma witnessed Five assaulting the thugs with Telekinesis and to make matters worse one of the thugs Five assaulted was Emma's brother. Emma called Five a freak and knocks him out with a pipe. Afterwards Emma and her family moved to Tampa.

West Virginia Mountain Base[]

Emma was later abducted by mogs and brought to West Virginia. Five was asked to kill her to prove his allegiance to the mogs. Five couldn't do it at first but when she calls him a monster Five lifts her up and squeezes her throat with telekinesis. At the last minute he changes his mind and releases her. Five tells the mogs to use her brother to get information on the Garde by keeping her prisoner. Emma is then led away by Ethan. It is presumed that mogs may have killed her afterwards.