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Emily Knapp is Sarah's friend at Paradise High School and had a brief romance with Sam Goode. Emily previously went out with a footballer named Alex Davis. She is described as being a gossip.

Emily was invited on the haunted hayride with John, Sarah, and Sam. When the haunted hayride became scary, she snuggled into Sam for safety. When the football team attacked Sam, Sarah and Emily were all dragged away from John. Emily was eventually released by the football team and fled.

Later on in the School year, Mark plans a party at his house. When Sam is unsure about whether to go or not, John and Sarah reveal that Emily is actually interested in him. They begin to talk and eventually head downstairs where they make out and, in so, accidently knock over a candle, setting fire to house. She is horrified when she realises that Sarah is still in the burning building. (I Am Number Four)

Mark says that Emily like gossip and when he told her that he does not like parties anymore because of his house fire, she quickly tells everyone and soon Mark's friends leave him alone about staying at home a lot. Emily also believes that John kidnapped Sam. (Return to Paradise)

During John and Sarah's reunion, when he returns to Paradise, Sarah gets a message and claims it is from Emily. The messages were later revealed to be from Mark. (The Power of Six)


  • Emily is a novel character that has no film counterpart, but was originally included as seen in the film script.