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Ella's Great-Grandfather was one of the Ten Elders that governed Lorien.  

He was claimed to be one of the many casualties of the Secret Wars, a secret conflict between the Loric and the Mogadorians. After the conflict, the surviving Elders reconvened and reduced their numbers from the original Ten to Nine for an unknown reason.

Ella's Grandfather is later revealed to be Setrákus Ra who was stripped of his Elder title as he did not agree with the Elders ways of allowing nature to dictate destiny. He opposed the peaceful way the Loric lived and preferred conquest.


  • Raylan became bitter and felt that his grandfather's title should belong to his family, even though Elder are not passed down through family.
  • Raylan owned an old spaceship that he believed was used by his Grandfather during the Secret Wars and spent a large amount of money restoring it. His wife Erina convinced him to donate it the the Loric Museum of Exploration. It was later used by Crayton, on the orders of Raylan, to get his daughter Ella off the planet during the Mogadorian Invasion.