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Einar is one of the new Human-Garde who previously worked with the Foundation, before falling out of favor with them. He is from Iceland.


Einar was born in Iceland. His parents worked for MogPro and tied him up to give to the Mogadorians during the invasion. He discovered Sensior during this time and used on his mom to break a vase over his dad’s head putting him in a coma and her in jail. At some point, he decided to work for the foundation but later went awol. Later on, he went on a killing spree looking for Foundation members. This included killing Nigel Barnaby’s father in Bangkok.




Being a Human-Garde, he has a few Legacies of his own.


All Garde and Human-Garde have this Legacy.


This Legacy allows Einar to manipulate the emotions of others. He uses this to get Kopano to turn on his friends by making him angry, Taylor to behave by making her fear him, the guards in Abu Dhabi to shoot each other by making them hate each other, and Nigel to walk into a frozen lake by making him depressed.