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Drak Üshaba is a Vatborn Mogadorian who was created in the same Vat as Vintaro Üshaba.


Drak was created in the Mogadorian vats several years after the Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien.

At some point he joins several squadrons of Mogadorians, led by Vintaro Üshaba, to investigate a group of four Human-Garde (Bertrand, Ran, Nigel Rally, and Fleur) who arrived at a Loralite deposit in Niagara Falls.

After Ran, armed with a Legacy that allows her to create and throw red bombs, shoots down several of the Skimmers, Drak runs into Vintaro, who had lost his entire squadron. While Vintaro subdues Bertrand, Drak attacks Fleur under orders from Vintaro, and is presumably killed in the process.