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Delfina, lived in the orphange in Santa Teresa.

She initially has no problem with Marina but this quickly changes when she slips on the wet floor and bumps into her, knocking all her clean dry plates into the dirty sink. Marina shoves her and Delfina shoves back, telling her that she is going to pay and to watch her back when Sister Dora tells them to stop. She is lit boi.

She follows Marina to the nave, along with Gabby, Hilda, and Bonita. After being pushed away with Telekinesis, Delfina initially attempts a few hits at Marina, accidentally hitting Bonita with one. She loses her confidence and tries to escape, telling Marina that she is going to get her when she isn't looking. Marina tackles her around the waist, uses her body to block Gabby from grabbing her hair and then releases her down the middle aisle of the nave, she hits the first steps of the altar with a groan.

The next morning all four girls were found by Sister Lucia in the nave, they were assumed to have been up to no good and were taken back to their bedroom, dazed and bruised.

She is present during the Mogadorian attack of Santa Teresa.