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Daxin was a Mentor Cêpan who worked for the Lorien Defence Council prior to the Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien. He was the Cêpan who was originally assigned to Number Nine, but was narrowly replaced after his death in the first round of the Mogadorian attack. Daxin would have trained at the Lorien Defence Academy and was later assigned to Number Nine.


Two weeks prior to the Invasion of Lorien, he, as well as other Cêpan, were concerned by the violet beam of light that had appeared near Capital City. It was nearing the Quartermoon, a time celebrating the Great Loric Age and the anniversary of the Phoenix Stones being found by the original Elders. The Elders usually organised a Herald, a similar beam of light, but it was thought that the Elders had left on a diplomatic mission and so the appearance of the violet light caused some alarm.

Sandor is volunteered by Rapp to take Daxin to find Number Nine and give him a wrist band that would act as a tracker. Daxin expresses his concern about the Herald and is nervous about it. Upon arrival at Nine's home, Daxin exchanges a few words with his Grandfather and guardian, expressing the importance of the wrist band.

Weeks later, Sandor steals Daxin's ID wrist band and uses it to sneak out of the academy and into The Chimæra, to see Devektra for the Quartermoon festivities and her performance at the night club. As Sandor had stolen the band, Daxin was not alerted when it picked up that there was an oncoming attack. The academy was targeted during the first wave of the Mogadorian missile fire and Daxin was killed inside. He was not able to complete his mission of locating Nine and taking him to the airstrip as part of Pittacus' Evacuation Protocol.

Brandon later tracks Daxin's band and to his dismay finds Sandor, who, feeling responsible for Daxin's death, takes it upon himself to retrieve Nine and bring him to the airstrip himself.