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Conrad Hoyle was Number Two's Cêpan. After arriving on Earth in America, Conrad travelled with his Garde to Europe where they settled in Ireland and then relocated to the Scottish highlands. Unfortunately they find Mogadorians snooping around and Conrad kills one, alerting the rest to a member of the Garde's location.

Conrad and Number Two move immediately and separately to a safe house in London. Two arrives first but the Mogadorians manage to track Conrad and ambush him on a bus, where he fights, killing and injuring many Mogadorians. However, he is eventually killed, most likely by a Mogadorian named Ivanick Shu-Ra

With his death, Two becomes a lot more vulnerable. Not only was Conrad unable to protect Two but is unable to guide her away from opening a blog to try and reach out to the other Garde which leads the Mogadorians to her and her ultimate death.

Physical Appearance[]

Corand is described as man over forty years old: having and tall and body muscular build, aurbun red hair, eyes green, skinned-brown cler.


Little is know about Conrad‘s personality.