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He said to tell you what will happen if you don't come... he said meet him at sunset or he'll give you a new scar.
-Schaffer, The Fate of Ten

Instead of travelling to Mexico to stand against Setrákus Ra with the rest of the Garde at the Sanctuary, Four is called to Liberty Island by Five who has Nine.


John and Agent Walker are confronted by three soldiers who had been sent into the ruins of New York in order to locate John and Sam.

Schaffer, Roosevelt and another were attacked by Five who took his blade to them, carving a '5' in Roosevelt's chest and telling them to let John know that if he doesn't meet him on Liberty Island at sunset he will get another scar. John takes this to mean that he will murder Nine.

John is angered by this ultimatum as he had intended on getting to Mexico before Setrákus Ra.


John leads a group, consisting of Sam, Daniela, Walker, Murray and other agents to confront Five, who is present in his steel form looking in bad shape. He hands over Nine's body, also in a bad way. John heals Nine and is soon made aware of the metal pole that Nine had forced through him. Five had meant that if John did not show up to heal him then he would almost certainly die from his injuries. He pleads to John's reasonable side, must to John's anger, before turning back to flesh and allowing the injury to take full effect.

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