His smile is confident, but his eyes are wary. A small pistol sticks out of his shoulder holster. 'Good afternoon and welcome,' he says in thickly accented English. 'I am Commander Grahish Sharma of the rebel group Vishnu Nationalist Eight. We come in peace'.

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General Grahish Sharma is the leader of the Indian group known as the Vishnu Nationalist Eight, a rebel group which worships and follows Number Eight as they believe him to be the popular Hindu God: Vishnu.

The Commander and his group are discovered by Number Eight (while in the form of one of Vishnu's incarnations) during a training exercise in the mountains, they soon become a group that solely follow him as they believe him to be Vishnu. When Eight has visions that Six, Marina, Ella and Crayton will be arriving in India, he sends the Commander and his men to collect them. the group corner them with AK-47's  but Sharma tells them that he knows who they are and would not fight with them, he believes them to be all powerful like Number Eight. He passes Eight's message and then begins to take them to him.

On the journey, however, the group are attacked by rockets and helicopters. Crayton, Six, Marina and Ella manage to jump from the truck just in time and, with Sharma still inside, it flips onto its roof. Sharma survives and he, along with the loric group and one other survivor manage to flee, though they are followed. They stop and hide in the hills but thier position is given away by the last survivor who is revealed to be a traitor, something that bothers Sharma greatly.

The Commander continues to lead the group to Number Eight and they eventually get to his area in the mountains. Sharma is quite content as he watches Eight, Shapeshift into Vishnu's avatars and test the three other Garde. He is incredibly dismayed when Eight thanks him and sends him away in order to protect him. (The Rise of Nine)

Sharma and the Vishnu Nationalist Eight manage to shoot down a Mogadorian spacecraft and take it's crew hostage. Mark James is eager to leak the story, on They Walk Among Us, and attempts to contact Sharma. (The Revenge of Seven).

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