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General Clarence Lawson is a lead General in the US Military. After the Mogadorian Warships descended on Earth's major cities, Clarence came out of retirement to help the US Government.

He is among the people who discusses strategy with President Jackson. He is not supportive of the Loric, even after Malcolm explains to them that they are not a threat. He even considers using the Human-Garde (excluding Melanie) as dogs of war.

Afterwards, he meets with John, Number Nine, Sam Goode, Daniela Morales, Malcolm Goode, Agent Walker and her remaining agents, and accompanies them to a bunker south of Detroit called Patience Creek. He also arranges a prison cell for Number Five.

After the war, it is revealed that Clarence is related to Caleb Crane. He also takes the Chimaera that the Garde gave to the humans. The location of the Chimaera is unknown.