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Bud Sanderson was the Secretary of Defense at the time of The Fall of New York.

Naturally, Sanderson has the appearance of a haggard old man, age-spotted, with a double chin and a steep paunch. However, thanks to the Mogadorian, MogPro treatments he lost weight, had a healthy glow and a full head of silver hair.


FBI Career, MogPro and Promotion[]

He was previously the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (at the time Agent Walker first joined) who became involved in negotiation, ten years prior, between the Mogadorians and the US government and was subsequently promoted to Secretary of Defense.

The Mogadorians claimed they were hunting fugitives and needed access to the US law enforcement network and free rein to move around the country in return for weapons and technology more powerful than anything the FBI had ever seen. Further to this they offered Medical advances, essentially promising immortality.

Sanderson is considered a high-ranking MogPro 'crony' who had starting receiving for advanced augmentation treatments in exchange for continued cooperation.

Battle of New York[]

The FBI believed that the Mogadorian plan involved contacting the Earth and acting as good neighbors in the intergalactic community, while Bud Sanderson, in place of the president, joins the UN when they convene to make a decision about whether or not to allow the Mogadorian fleet safe passage to Earth.

Walker, Nine, Four and Sam plan to go to New York where Walker wants to kill Sanderson to stop the deal, however Four disagrees and decides to try and convince him to change his mind. When they fight their way into Sanderson's hotel room they find a frail old man in worse shape than he was before the MogPro treatments, withdrawn from lack of injections. Before they can talk to him, Sanderson attempts to shoot himself in the head but Four stops the bullet with Telekinesis. Four heals Sanderson, with great effort, until he returns to his natural form.

It is later revealed that the plan was for Setrákus Ra to heal Sanderson in front of the population to convince them to surrender and receive immortality. Sanderson agrees to go through with the plan to draw Ra out so that Four and Nine can take him down.

The Fall of New York[]

In The Fate of Ten, Agent Walker reveals that he perished in the invasion, and with him out of the way, the US will be more eager to fight for Lorien.