Bolog Shu-Ra was a great Mogadorian warrior and the father of Ivanick Shu-Ra.

Bolog and his family claim a distant relation to the Mogadorian beloved leader Setrákus Ra and are a very proud and noble family because of this. He would have also been proud to have a true-born son, a rarity in modern Mogadorian society as women have become less fertile. Bolog lost his wife during child birth when Ivanick was born.

Bolog fought and died in the First Great Expansion. Upon returning from the battle, General Andrakkus told his son Ivanick that he died a glorious death, befitting a true Mogadorian hero. He also rubbed his thumb across Ivan’s forehead, leaving a trail of blood which is considered a blessing. Ivan was then adopted by the Sutekh family and becomes an adopted brother to Adamus and Kelly.

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