• Starchild10

    Tools in the Chest

    August 15, 2018 by Starchild10

    Hey guys, just curious.

    Do you think we're ever going to know what was inside of Six's Chest? I mean it was stolen but after the Mogs were defeated, don't you think they'd recover her chest? What kind of Phoenix Stone might be in there?

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  • AlyceLane

    Legacies Reborn

    June 19, 2018 by AlyceLane

    Feel free to rant about here. [SPOILERS]

    My main issues is that I was never happy with United as One. That book makes me angry to think about it, because it's not the victory that I would have expected. Even though the Garde beat Setrakus Ra, they didn't win it for their planet- Earth is their new planet. And the Human Garde/LANEs, the Lorien entity is really trying to keep Lorien alive, except on Earth this time.

    This book is a contituation that I think is not really needed. I don't want to be mean, but I don't really like the new Human Garde characters. I don't like the anti-HGA group (because I don't really see their justification for going against the Garde academy, except that Nine's a professor there hahahahaha) and how there's just so…

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  • Dstonemeier

    united as one

    June 14, 2018 by Dstonemeier

    I am currently rereading i am number four, and have read the initial 7 books all the way through and generation one. After thinking about it for a while i am still confused as to what john and marinas kiss means at the end of united, and would like to hear your thoughts

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  • ItsCharlooloo

    so anyways because i make wings of fire aus for absolutely everything i get myself into, have a wof/lorien legacies au which isn't complete but oh well lol - Four/John - SkyWing

    Six/Maren - SandWing

    Sam - Sea/NightWing

    Henri - MudWing

    Katarina - SkyWing

    Mark - SkyWing

    Sarah - Rain/SandWing

    Seven/Marina - Sea/IceWing

    Ten/Ella - NightWing

    Five - IceWing

    Nine/Stanley - SkyWing

    Nigel - SandWing

    Crayton - Mud/RainWing

    Adelina - Sand/IceWing

    Sandor - Night/RainWing

    Adam - NightWing

    Albert/Rey - Ice/NightWing


    hey dd @ me if something's wrong or missing i know u love this stuff

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  • RyanTheScourgeOfTheStorm25

    Make your own Legacies on this blog




    Type: (Defensive, Offensive or Utility)


    Class: (Primary Legacy, Combat Legacy, First Legacy) 

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  • ItHappensHere

    Hello everyone! I have had this idea for a while now. Should I make it come true?

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  • Vts17

    Lorien Legacies Reborn

    July 29, 2017 by Vts17

    Anybody know anything about the 2nd book in the Lorien Legacies Reborn series?

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  • Grapeape17

    They are very good people and it can be fun have super powers The book is told by various members of the Garde: Number Four (John Smith), who is on the run with Sam, Six, and Bernie Kosar (aka Hadley, a Lorien Chimæra), and Number Seven (Marina), who's hiding at Santa Teresa, a convent in Spain. While John, Number Six and Sam try to stay ahead of the Mogadorians while searching for the other surviving Loric, Number Seven searches for news of John after his heroic battle at the school that came at the end of I Am Number Four. During the battle between seven (Marina) and the mogadorians it is revealed that Ella is a member of the Garde.Maren Elizabeth)and number 9 

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  • Aheaney15

    Series Discrepancies

    April 15, 2017 by Aheaney15

    There are a lot of discrepancies in this series, and it saddens me every time I see one. Here's a list of all of them I could find (some of them I borrowed from the Timeline page):

    1. After Power of Six, the Mogadorian weapons were depicted in a completely different manner. In the first two books it felt more fanciful than science fiction, with the "dome" the Mogs made in Paradise, the blasters sucking life out of plants, the twisting daggers, etc. These were all dropped after Power of Six to make them more sci-fi, I guess.
    2. While mentioned in Power of Six that the date of Henri's imprisonment in Athens, Ohio is January 19, it is not possible as this event takes place during Thanksgiving in the first novel.
    3. Six is underpowered later in the series…
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  • Aheaney15

    United As One Summary

    March 17, 2017 by Aheaney15

    Since nobody has entered in a summary for United As One on the page, here's something I will give the admins so they can add it (SPOILERS AHEAD! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!) The book starts with a prologue, which is a dream constructed by Setrákus Ra. The first one is of Marina seeing Setrákus Ra disguised as Eight, and after being rejected by Marina, he tells her that all that will come to her is pain. The second is of Five, who is in a cell, seeing Setrákus Ra offering him a second chance for the Mogadorians, which Five quickly rejects. The third is of Mark James, with Setrákus Ra telling him that he's sorry for Sarah's death, but he can bring her back, only if Mark will help him. 

    Number Four's narration opens up at least a day after Sarah Hart'…

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  • Aheaney15

    The title says it all.

    Here's my guess of what will happen:

    It should take place 5 years after United As One (matching the release date).

    • The Human-Garde at the Academy, possibly Walker too, will be the narrators and the primary focus of the novels. Nigel, Ran, Caleb and/or some new Human-Garde characters will be the narrators (I don't see Daniela getting a narration; she already had one)
    • Nine and Lexa will have big roles for sure (cause they're training them at the academy), but will not be the main characters. 
    • Adam, Rex, Sam, Six, and Malcolm could have semi-major roles. I don't see them having narrations. 
    • Ella and Number Five will likely have more minor roles, but I'm sure they will still be in it.
    • I don't know where I see John and Marina. A…
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  • Bingers

    I think that what will happen in Generation one is the military doing a mogadorian role call and when Zakos's name gets called he doesn't respond to the call. The military doesn't find him and they start a manhunt but still no luck. Zakos then manages to get a boat out of the Alaskan mog camp and then goes to Fiji since it doesn't have much population and it's remote. Then it switches to San Francisco where Proffessor Nine and his students go to to search for Zakos. Meanwhile Zakos is making vatborn Mogadorian.First Nine goes to Alaska to get Adam and Rex to help out. Then they go to Russia, Indonesia, Australia and then to Fiji when they find vatborn Mogadorians and have a battle with them. This allows Zakos to escape to Melbourne, Austra…

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  • Aheaney15

    A sample for United As One is available on iBooks. Here's my summary of it:

    The book is narrated by John and Six.  It starts with a prologue that I think is a dream constructed by Setrákus Ra. The first one is of Marina seeing Setrákus disguised as Eight, and Ra tells her that all that will come to her is pain. The second is of Five, who is in a cell, seeing Setrákus Ra offering Five a second chance for the Mogadorians. The third is of Mark James, with Setrákus Ra telling him that he's sorry for Sarah's death, but he can bring her back, only if Mark joins Ra. 

    Chapter 1 opens up at least a day after Fate of Ten with John's POV. John, Sam, Daniela, Nine, Walker and her agents have teamed up with General Lawson, and they have spent a night at …

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  • Ryanjreynolds


    May 14, 2016 by Ryanjreynolds

    Hello everyone! 

    I have been planning on merging this wikia and The Lorien Legacies Wikia for a long time and am only finally getting around to it. The first step was adopting the wikia, and the second step was discussing the merger with the users of the respective sites. 

    I am in discussions with a user I refer to as 'Aura' who I put in charge of the wikia so that it didn't go to hell while I studied for my final year of Law school and he seems pretty keen on the idea too. 

    Before we go ahead however, it's only right and fair that we hear from the users first so I'm offering you the opportunity to have your say. I think it would be great to have the entire fandom in one place, however compromises will have to be made, integrating the good po…

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  • Aheaney15

    Here's my ranking of the series, it's been updated since more lost files have come out:

    I have updated it after my re-reading of the entire series and he release of United As One and Hunt for the Garde

    "Great" Category:

    1. I Am Number Four (9.5/10)
    2. United As One (9/10)
    3. The Fallen Legacies (9/10)
    4. The Power of Six (8.5/10)
    5. The Search for Sam (8.5/10)
    6. The Forgotten Ones (8.5/10)
    7. Hunt for the Garde (8.5/10)

    "Good" Category:

    1. The Fate of Ten (8/10)
    2. The Revenge of Seven (8/10)
    3. Five's Betrayal (8/10)
    4. The Rise of Nine (8/10)
    5. The Guard (8/10)
    6. Last Defense (8/10)
    7. The Fugitive (8/10)
    8. Five's Legacy (8/10)

    "Okay" Category:

    1. Return to Paradise (7/10)
    2. Nine's Legacy (7/10)
    3. The Navigator (7/10)
    4. The Last Days of Lorien (7/10)
    5. Legacies Reborn (6/10)
    6. Six's Legacy (6/10 - haha)

    Least of the…

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  • Mcoury

    Something interesting...

    February 13, 2016 by Mcoury

    Get ready for the seventh and final book in the I Am Number Four series:

    The Garde didn’t start this war, but they’ll do whatever it takes to end it once and for all...

    The Mogadorians have invaded Earth. Their warships loom over our most populated cities and no country will risk taking them head on. The Garde are all that stand in the way, but they’ll need an army of their own to win this fight.

    The Garde have teamed up with the U.S. military, but it might not be enough. They need reinforcements, and they’ve found them in the most unexpected place. Teenagers from across the globe, like John Smith’s best friend, Sam, have developed abilities. So John and the others must get to them before the Mogs, because if they don’t their enemies will use…

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  • Mcoury

    From the books, to the offical website, to the novella, to the transmissions, and everything else, this series has a strange mysterious factor that's starting to get to me. I can't put a finger on it. I feel as if there's one big secret or a bunch of secrets that aare going to be revealed over the next novellas and book that's just, BAM!everything revealed...

    Also, I wonder if there will be anymore PL transmissions? Anything can happen, right?

    What do y'all think?

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  • InLoveWithIAmNumberFour

    I am a huge fan of the I am Number Four series. This caused me to search for the planet Lorien. In my search I found the planet. I looks just the way it was discribed in the book. The aftermath of the Lorien-Mogaidorian war of the planet is known as Mars. They both have 2 moons and as John (Number Four) discribed it in the book, A red dusty planet. Mars is only a year away making the spaceships time between planets correct. Mars even has a longer year than Earth, just it is said in the book. Not only that but now sciencists believe that Mar use to hold life before something broke through its atmosphere. What the sciencists believe an artrode broke the atmosphere could actally be the resolte for the Lorien-Mogadorina war. This is just my th…

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  • I Am Number Zero

    Loric Tier List

    November 11, 2015 by I Am Number Zero

    This is the my loric Tier list. 

    This shows how good all the loric are in battle compared to each other.


    0. Pittacus Lore (Lorien Era)

    1. Setrakus Ra (Current)


    2. Loridas (Lorien Era)

    3. Other Elders

    Top Tier

    4. John/ Four with Ximic

    5. Number Five with both eyes

    7. Number Nine

    High Tier

    7. Number Six

    8. Number Eight

    Mid Tier

    9. Adam

    10. Marina/ Number Seven

    11. Ella

    Low Tier

    12. Daniela Morales

    13. Sam Goode

    14. Betrand 


    Other Human Garde

    What do you guys think about my tier list? 

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  • AckermanTheGod

    Book Covers!!!

    October 29, 2015 by AckermanTheGod

    If you hadn't noticed, THE SEVENTH BOOK TITLE AND COVER HAVE BEEN REVEALED RECENTLY!!! I would have responded earlier, but I was off writing my fanfic (which I have to hurry up and finish so I can get the final chapter out before United As One is released in June). And if you didn't notice this, the cover has another element on it:


    So what do you guys think it means? I assumed it had something to do with Marina, but we already have The Power of Six to represent her.

    In I Am Number Four, the cover had what looked like Fire on it, which I realized represented John's Lumen. And after that, we had Water on the cover of The Power of Six, and I'm pretty sure that either represented Marina's name, meaning "of the sea," or maybe it connected to …

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  • AckermanTheGod

    The Legacy War

    October 11, 2015 by AckermanTheGod

    I've been thinking a lot about how the war between the Loric and Mogadorians will be recorded in history among their people. Obviously, we probably won't see this happen, but the Garde have never given the war a name. I'm not talking about the First Great Expansion, like the Mogadorians called the attack on Lorien, or the the conflict the Loric had on Mogadore. I mean the current war: it doesn't have a name.

    It probably doesn't need one, but I realized we only call the war by different eras. The Loric Rebellion sounds cool, but I was thinking of something more powerful. I thought about calling it the Legacy War. This doesn't relate to the powers the Garde have. The Loric entity that resides in every planet (except Mogadore) is what the name …

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  • AckermanTheGod


    So, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what Celwe said to Pittacus in The Fate of Ten:

    "'I know I am old to be a mother,' Celwe replies, a distant look in her eyes. 'Fertility is Setrákus Ra's specialty now. Fertility and genetics, to help uplift the Mogadorians. They call him the Beloved Leader.' She scoffs at this, shaking her head. 'Yet he wouldn't see his only child raised among them. So here we are.'"

    It made me think of Ivan, Adam's old friend from The Fallen Legacies. Apparently, his family claimed a distant relation to Setrákus Ra, hence his hyphenated surname "Shu-Ra." He even shares similar appearance to how Setrákus looked as a teenager in The Fallen Le…

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  • Aheaney15

    Ok, this is going to be long. Here are my problems and positives with the series, book by book (will not include the lost files, that will take too long):

    Book 1: 

    Bad things-

    - Several parts are kinda boring

    - Too many plot conveniences in the final battle

    - Sarah, Sam, and Mark are cliched characters. 

    Good things-

    - Incredibly well written, it gives Enders Game a run for it's money

    - The Final battle is very awesome. Not much else to say but that.

    - Henri. This character was done perfectly!!!!

    - The story is not only suspenseful and engaging, but a lot of elements are really creative!

    - Despite Sarah, Mark, and Sam's character types being done a million times, they're still enjoyable. In fact, the main thing I like is that, due to the way the stor…

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  • Aheaney15

    I know I posted this in the Power of Six film page, but I feel as if this should get across.

    If the series is atcually rebooted, I'd suggest this:

    1. Change Henri's Death scene. Make it like the book, both when and how it happened. 

    2. Triple the number of Mogs at least (I know there were more than that, but there have to be limitations with actors). 

    3. Correct the Legacies given to John and Six. 

    4. Change Sam's and Six's appearance, backstories, and names (why was Sam's last name changed in the movie anyway? that felt pointless).

    5. Change BK's appearance as the monster. I liked the book dragon much better.

    6. Change the size of the Piken. Make sure they don't fly. 

    7. Add Krauls. 

    8. Make the Loric not turn to ash when they die. That will serio…

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  • AckermanTheGod

    Legacies and Whatnot

    September 16, 2015 by AckermanTheGod

    So, I'd just like to start off by saying I really enjoyed The Fate of Ten, and I thought it was the best book of the series. But some parts of the story remain unanswered. This is not a major question, but I'd like a confirmation on Lumen.

    When the story begins back when John first develops it, we assume it is the Loric power for Manipulation of Fire, or pyrokinesis, as I'm sure many of you know it. When I read The Last Days of Lorien, I thought that Devektra had Lumen, and that's why she could manipulate light. And yet at the same time, when Sandor mentions one of the kids back at the academy burning down the school, I thought he meant the kid had Lumen, and just developed it on a more powerful scale since they were on Lorien (the developm…

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  • Adonisblue

    There two types of people in the World-

    JohnxSarah Shippers or JohnxSix Shippers, what team are you? Who do you think will end up with who?  

    Vote in comments!!! I will tall to see who has to most fans!

    What team
    Team Fourah (John and Sarah) |
    Team Jix (John and Six)

    Personallly I am a Fourah and Sim (Six and Sam) kind of person but, why do you pair who you do? : )

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  • Phoenix Stone11

    Rebel Allies

    July 29, 2015 by Phoenix Stone11

    The collection/bind-up Hidden Enemy was released yesterday, containing novellas #10-12, the Fugitive, the Navigator and the Guard. Featuring Mark James and Lexa. I've been waiting for the collection instead of buying the books separately. I am really excited to start reading them.

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  • Mcoury

    Colab fanfic

    July 28, 2015 by Mcoury

    Once, this was significant, but now, it is filled with nothing. This is a blank page that can be filled with nothing. I don't like this series anymore...

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  • Polski107

    I just want to know what Five's twist is, and what happens to Ella. Mainly. After getting the book, I'll skip right to the end just to see how it turns out.

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  • Mcoury

    Fate of Ten fanfic

    July 16, 2015 by Mcoury

    Once, this was significant, but now, it is filled with nothing. This is a blank page that can be filled with nothing. I don't like this series anymore...

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  • Moonlight Breeze

    Setrákus Ra

    July 8, 2015 by Moonlight Breeze

    So I've been thinking about Setrakus Ra lately. So there are other people like Ivan's family who have the last name Ra and claim to be related to him, right? That means he had children with a Mogadorian girl thus making some Mogadorians part Loric. Does this mean Phiri and Ivan are part Loric? And if this is a expanding line,does that mean some Mogs can get Legacies? Tell me what you think.

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  • Polski107

    There's a rumor going around that there will be something crucial happening involving Five in The Fate of Ten. I'm constantly wondering what this twist is, but only have this theory that Emma is still alive and Five will meet her again.

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  • Polski107

    I Dislike Nine

    June 26, 2015 by Polski107

    Is this bad? I don't like Nine's character. He is too hypocritical, among other things.

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  • Polski107

    I'm going to start listing every error I can think of in this series, since it has plenty of them.

    1. What really happened when the Loric Nine boarded their spaceship? In I Am Number four, John has visions of his grandparents saying goodbye to him. In Last Days of Lorien, Sandor doesn't see John's grandparents and the Garde were just standing near the ship-not running for it like the lost files and main books made it seem.

    2. In Adam's first lost files, he sees a memory of One. In the memory, he sees Nine, a blond girl younger than One, and John's dad fighting a Piken and blasting blue cobalt energy into its face-Lumen?. In Last Days of Lorien, Sandor doesn't see any of this happening. He says the Garde ranged from infancy to six years old-t…

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  • Moonlight Breeze

    What do you think about Five? I was looking at the comments on his character page and well..yikes. People hate him and people love him. Do you want to strangle Five or hug him or congratulate him of his awesomeness or drop him in a pile of lava or slap him?

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  • Polski107

    Mark James' Mother

    June 19, 2015 by Polski107

    This isn't my theory but the user known as Inner Hate.

    Inner Hate says:

    I have a theory about about Mark's mom. What it Marks mother is a Mogadorian or working with them? It is said that she becomes "weird and distant after the house fire" in "I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Return To Paradise." She could've seen the video of Four flying out of the house saving the dogs and Sarah, and told the Mogs about it. Just an idea

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  • Polski107

    Is it because of the sappy love story thing? It worked fine in Twilight(I hate that book series by the way)

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  • Fuyuturtlesmultifandom

    Is anyone else kind of disappointed that Six and John didn't get together?

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  • Moonlight Breeze

    What will happen in Fate of Ten?

    I'm not sure if the title is supposed to be on Setrakus Ra, Ella, or what some people say the Ten that was mentioned in Henri's list. 

    I think...(based on what I've read/heard)

    • There's going to be a human Garde member (besides Sam) that has not been mentioned in the series.
    • Eight isn't coming back. The body is gone, so where would the soul go?
    • Nine will probably hook up with the new Garde member or Seven.
    • Ella will escape eventually from Setrakus Ra's control.

    Tell me what you will think what will happen!

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  • Aheaney15

    A lot of people love The Navigator. Me? I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it really does a good job with Lorien and showing the trauma that they went through on Earth really well, better than Last Days of Lorien even. And it did a great job explaining the reason for the second loric ship, and answered a lot of questions. However, it is sooooooo boring most of the time, and the parts that are meant to be sad are a little over the top sad.

    Overall, I put it into the "Ok" category. 7/10. I'm looking forward to The Guard though.

    Also, Legacies Reborn is gonna have a sneek peek tomorrow (why we're not getting a The Guard sneek peek or even a Fate of Ten sneek peek, idk)! Sadly, I'm not interested in buying Endgame, and I would be totally co…

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  • Number69

    The movie series

    May 11, 2015 by Number69

    I've been reading stuff online and something caught my eye. It's a rumour that once the books are finished dreamworks will continue to develop the movie series. Does anyone know if this is true?


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  • Number69

    Garde rewards

    May 3, 2015 by Number69

    The Garde that had the unfortunate luck of dying on Earth should be rewarded for their sacrifice by the Lorien entity. I really hope that the Lorien entity brings the fallen Garde back to life. Or, since time travel is theoretically possible, sends someone back to alter history and save the world.

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  • Aheaney15

    Here is my suggested reading order of the series:

    I am Number Four

    The Power of Six

    The Last Days of Lorien*

    The Navigator*

    The Fallen Legacies*

    Nine's Legacy

    Return to Paradise

    The Rise of Nine

    The Guard (This one will change depending on when it actually takes place)

    The Search For Sam

    Read chapters 8-14 of The Fall of Five (skip the rest)

    The Forgotten Ones

    Read chapters 30-37 of The Fall of Five (skip the rest)

    Five's Legacy

    Five's Betrayal

    The Fugitive

    The Revenge of Seven

    The Fate of Ten

    (I do not have Six's Legacy on here, and that is due to the fact that A. it's too depressing, and B, the novella is already summarized in great detail in book 2, so the entire thing is uneccessary. do not read Six's Legacy. I also think the rest of Fall of Five is not …

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  • Aheaney15

    I have a theory about about Mark's mom. What it Marks mother is a Mogadorian or working with them? It is said that she becomes "weird and distant after the house fire" in "I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Return To Paradise." She could've seen the video of Four flying out of the house saving the dogs and Sarah, and told the Mogs about it. Just an idea

    - Original Post by Inner Hate, I'm just reposting it

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  • The Zerm

    The Fate of Ten

    March 4, 2015 by The Zerm

    The Fate of Ten!!! I'm pretty sure all real Lorien Legacies fans are super excited for the release of book six! The release date is September 1st, 2015. It is unknown if the title is referring to Ella or Setrakus Ra*

    It could also be referring to the six Garde, Sam, Sarah, Mark, and Lexa. Since Lorien's gifts had spread through the Earth, the humans I mentioned could gain legacies equaling ten Garde.

    • Since Setrakus Ra is the tenth elder of Lorien.
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  • Aheaney15

    Here are some predictions I have for the remainder of the series:

    The Navigator Predictions:

    1. Lexa will be revealed to be a Cêpan and a Pilot of the second loric ship, along with her friend, Devdan.

    2. The setting will be her backstory, whenever and however she got to Earth continuing to how she became GUARD and such. The ship she has with her is the first Loric Ship. She obtained it in New Mexico after she handed Mark the care package.

    3. Lexa will not be alone. She is forming a resistance of the last Loric Cêpans. She will be with the male Cêpan Pilot of the first Loric Ship (unless he's dead) and possiby the other Cêpan from the second ship (I'm betting he is Devdan, unless he's dead too). Whether or not any of these Cêpans will die in th…

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  • Ryanjreynolds

    Discussion Pages

    February 4, 2015 by Ryanjreynolds

    It's time to add a new dimension to I Am Number Four Wiki!

    Join in the discussion in one of three exciting new pages; get your imagination and creative juices flowing!

    • Discuss your fantasy cast at the IDEAL CAST page.
    • Train your mind and get involved in some role play; be your favorite characters over at the SHADOW page.


    • Share your alternative events, endings or scenes! What events would you change, add or take away in you had the chance? Head on over to the ALTERNATIVE EVENTS page.

    Suggestions for other discussions pages are welcome here. Enjoy!

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  • Pmjm

    Hi everyone! 

    I just read the latest novella about further Mark James' jurney. It was much more readable than "Return to Paradise" (which I really hate and consider as a boring as hell couse it has little importance to whole plot).

    I like the transformation that was made for this character, from douche in first book to true super-hero and loyal friend to Loric. First I assume that his character wasnt important and necessary, but now I don't think that way anymore! 

    It's nice that authors and ghost-writers can add his character to main plot and make it reasonable. He is like one-more-surprise after Adam and his change to Loric cause. I didnt notice any plot-hole or mistakes in relation to the events described in 3rd, 4th and 5th book (not the …

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  • Aheaney15

    My Favorites of the Series:

    December 14, 2014 by Aheaney15

    Here are my favorite book segments of the series, catagorized from favorite to least favorite, followed by a ranking (note: I am taking into account what my personal opinions are on not just the story, but also likeability and development of the characters and quality of the writing):

    1. I Am Number Four- 9/10
    2. The Power Of Six- 8.8/10
    3. The Fallen Legacies- 8.8/10
    4. The Revenge Of Seven- 8.5/10
    5. The Rise Of Nine- 8/10
    6. The Fugitive- 8/10
    7. Five's Betrayal- 7.5/10 
    8. The Search For Sam- 7.5/10
    9. Nine's Legacy- 7/10
    10. Five's Legacy- 7/10
    11. The Forgotten Ones- 6.8/10
    12. Return To Paradise- 6.8/10
    13. The Last Days of Lorien- 6.5/10
    14. Six's Legacy- 6/10
    15. The Fall Of Five- 5.5/10
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  • Lunarunne

    book 6 title

    December 7, 2014 by Lunarunne

    I was devastated in The Fall of Five when 8 died. And then in The Revenge of Seven where 7 and 8 kissed and 8 disintegrated, I started crying. I was just staring at my bookshelf and realized the books 1-5 of the Lorien Legacies contain numbers 4,5,6,7, and 9. I am Number Four, The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine, The Fall of Five, The Revenge of Seven. I’ve always shipped 7 & 8 and I was thinking that since all the other Gardes who were alive in I Am Number Four had their names in the titles that maybe the title of book 6 in the Lorien Legacies- that comes out next year- could have 8 in the title. I hope it does!

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