Bertrand is a Human-Garde, and among the first of them to develop another legacy that was not Telekinesis. The Legacy was, in this case, Insect Telepathy. Bertrand is a beekeeper, and discovered that he could talk to bees and get them to do his bidding. Number Nine called him a nerd behind his back during the meeting at the Elder's Chamber. He later uses a Loralite Stone to meet Nigel Rally, Fleur and Ran at Niagara Falls, where he is seen using his Insect Telepathy Legacy to make thousands of bees, gnats, flies, and other insects to cover a Skimmer until it crashes. After being recruited with the other Human-Garde, he trains with Number Nine and Number Six in Patience Creek. When Phiri Dun-Ra, Thin Mog, Shadow Mog, Piken-Mog, and dozens of Vatborns attack Patience Creek, Bertrand and the others fight back. He, Nigel, Ran, and Fleur disarm and kill many Vatborns with their telekinesis. When Fleur is killed by Phiri's Icicles, Bertrand attempts to save her, and Dun-Ra burns him to death with a fireball. John attempts to heal them, but fails.

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