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They know it's her. The First. Number One. She can be killed. And every single one of them want to be the one to do it.
-Adamus Sutekh, The Fallen Legacies

In Malaysia, Number One was killed on the banks of a river where she and her Cêpan, Hilde, lived. The killing of Number One was the first confirmation, for many of the Garde, that the Mogadorians had followed them to Earth.


Number One, growing tired of training and learning, begins to misbehave. Hilde relocates them to Florida where One meets a boy names Wade who influences her to shoplift. She is caught by the police and her loric symbol on her ankle is photographed and uploaded to the police database, attracting Mogadorian attention. Hilde and One immediately leave the country for Malaysia.

Adamus Sutekh, a young Mogadorian and son of a General, and his adopted brother are called to see their father who reveals that they have tracked and followed a Garde to Malaysia and they are to come along for the assault.


The Mogadorians find One and Hilde in a hut one the bank of the Rajang River. Adamus and Ivanick watch from a distance as the Soldiers move in.

Hilde tries to defend One, she fights very well but is eventually overwhelmed and shot in the chest with a Mogadorian blaster. With her dying breath she tells One to run, but One develops Earthquake Generation with the anger and fear. She manages to fend off some Mogadorians but once they realize that she can be injured, they begin to close in harder. One Mogadorian sneaks around behind her and impales her with a Mogadorian Sword.


With the death of One, the rest of the Garde will have had her scar burn into their ankles. For many this meant an instant relocation. For Number Four it meant a move from Arizona to Minnesota and for Six a move from Canada to Denver.

The slaughter of One and Hilde sparks the first feeling of confusion in Adam which later leads to the beginning of his rebellion against the Mogadorians.

One's body is taken to Ashwood Estates where she is wired up to a machine with Adamus on the other end. The experiment aimed to allow Adam to witness One's memories to uncover anything that might lead to the other Garde. However it goes wrong and Adam spends three years in a coma. When he awakens he finds that One's consciousness has been uploaded into his mind.

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