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Agent Noto is a special agent working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the associate of Agent Walker. He too is working with the Mogadorians to hunt and capture the Garde until defecting.

Physical Appearance[]

He is described as being in his late twenties and has olive skin with close-cropped black hair.


Noto is present when Walker approaches Sarah Hart and Mark James to ask them questions about John, though he doesn't speak. He is also present when Walker and Purdy interrogate Sarah following John's return to Paradise and again later when Walker notifies Mark that Sarah has been reported missing.

Some time after the attack in Dulce Base, Agent Purdy dies of a heart attack. Seeing his body slowly disintegrate, Walker decides stop helping the Mogs. When she decides to defect the FBI and the Mogadorians, Noto joins her.

When Mark is captured trying to sneak into Dulce Base and is being interrogated by Walker, he enters the room. Walker informs him that they will leave in the morning and orders him to load every asset they can from the base to their vehicles. He asks what they should do to the agents who are still loyal to the Mogs. She tells him to leave them behind and the FBI or the Mogs might eventually come and rescue them. When he asks what they should do to Mark and she tells him to release him after instructing him to lay low.

In Last Defense, it is shown that he is among the agents that comes to help the Garde in Ashwood Estates. He is the leader of the agents that Walker leaves behind to protect Malcolm. He meets Malcolm, and the two have a talk together before he is called by the other agents, learning about the Mogadorian Invasion of Earth. The Mogadorians attack Ashwood Estates and he, Stanley, Biscuit, Regal, Bandit, and at least a dozen other agents manage to fight off several squadrons of attacking Mogs. Later, when Malcolm makes it to Liberty Base, he calls Noto and he informs Malcolm that he and the other agents survived and that he (and the four Chimærae) will go to a safe house: Patience Creek.

In United As One, Agent Noto is seen working with Adam on Mogadorian language and intercepting the communication lines between the Mogadorian warships. He discovers that Phiri Dun-Ra is rallying the Trueborn Mogadorians, and Adam, with help from Noto, manages to enter the broadcast and tell the Trueborn that Setrákus Ra is indeed Loric.

Noto is later present when Phiri and the Mogadorians attack Patience Creek. He is one of the few survivors of the attack, and the only member of Walker's team who is not killed in the attack, thanks to the Chimærae who protect him, Daniela, Nigel, Ran, Malcolm, and a few scientists.